Life is a mixed bag of happy and not-so-happy moments.

But instead of soaking ourselves in the ‘happy’ moments, we often get sucked into the ‘not-so-happy’ ones.

On top of that, we endlessly repeat unpleasant memories in our mind.

Doesn’t it happen that you perform a task leaving others enamored by your execution, yet your mind can’t stop counting those (silly) little mistakes or things you could do better?

That lingering feeling of regret, sometimes embarrassment?

Well, I must confess that I’ve been a victim of the same for a long, long time. Until now.

Here is what has helped me achieve the impossible:

#1 Indulge in vanity

The fact is that we become what our mind tells us we are. Then why can’t we strengthen our strengths and indulge in celebrating all the good that we are made up of….all the ‘right’ we did?

#2 Re-read the compliments

As crazy as it might sound, in my low moments I sometimes ask my inner circle (those 5 people who matter the most to me in life) to share their love for me in writing. And then I read and re-read the messages or emails until it makes my heart smile again.

#3 Forgive, if you can’t forget

Who doesn’t make mistakes? We all do. What’s funny is that we are far more forgiving when others make mistakes but when it come to us, we are as unforgiving as one can get.

#4 It’s OK’ – That’s the mantra

Alright, say the expected happened…you made a mistake. ‘You’ made a mistake! Now, instead of over indulging in regret and self-criticism, look at yourself in the mirror and say this – ‘It’s OK’. Better still take your name and say this – ‘Yukti, it’s OK.’. Don’t forget the eye contact with yourself when you say this simple yet powerful mantra. Soon you will believe that it’s ok, cause it really is.

We are all beautiful souls, full of love and kindness. Let’s not hesitate in giving our best to ourselves cause whether we realize or not, we sap a lot of our energy in negativity, mostly created my our own mind.

Now I would love to know if any of my tips worked for you?

What are the other things that helps you to stop the negative chatter in your mind? How do you keep falling in love with yourself?

Originally published May 2, 2019