Hope you read our last blog on creating a version 2.0 of yourself. Well, it’s only fair that we walk the talk and share how our resolution of creating a new version of ourselves is going.

Well, let’s say, it’s all on track but perhaps in ways unplanned. Personally for me, experiencing fire-walk helped me to go beyond a few self-created limitations and exponentially increased my determination to achieve what am set out for! Sure, it was in my bucket list as well, and so is bungee jumping & sky diving. Will keep you posted on such adventures.

While that’s at a personal space, professionally, we are optimistic about what we want to achieve this year. For starters, Silhouette is now called SBY Academy, and with this new avatar we are determined to reach new heights. Our goal is to impact One Million lives this year, and we will, with all your support and blessings.

That’s enough about us; tell us how is your new year’s resolution going. Sorry if this topic has become redundant but I often hear myself say that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Making resolutions probably is just one way to make a plan, so could be goal-setting. For as long as we know where we are going can the journey be fun.

So many of us go through the ritual of making and then almost immediately abandoning our ‘resolutions’. I understand, with so many things happening in our lives, it is difficult to stick to the plan. But, hey, nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy, is it?

So instead of letting another year pass by, let’s use these hacks to achieve what we want to:

Do a mid-month review –

Realisation without any action is just a thought. What are the actions you have taken? Wouldn’t it be useful to run a mid-month review for yourself, every month, instead of letting another year simply pass by? So when you look back, you feel like you have made substantial improvement in upgrading yourself.

Look at what your resolutions were and see what is realistic to achieve in the next few months. Think about the goal you had set in the first place and why you wanted to accomplish it. When you are reviewing your resolutions, ask yourself the following questions:

Make yourself accountable to somebody –

When you make yourself accountable for your actions (or the lack of it) to somebody, you become more motivated to achieve your goal or complete your resolution. I want to write a book and I hold myself accountable to the dates I’m committing, and I’m declaring it to you. It is not only my resolution to publish my book by October, this year, but also something I have made public(oops…out it goes)

This declaration has made me more serious about doing it. So, while there may be a delay(hope not), by no means will there be a lack of action to achieve my goal. When you make your goal public and give voice to it, it no longer remains a silent wish, it gets converted into commitment. Now that you know about my goal for this year, feel free to check on me and pull me up. It would be a support much appreciated.

Visualization –

When you’ve considered what’s important to you, it’s time to focus on what your goal is. Think about what exactly you’re working towards. You need to be able to see the target, and that can be done through visualization. Once you’ve visualized your goal, you can work backwards to achieve that goal. That can be done by jumpstarting your Reticular Activating System (RAS).

According to Science Direct, the RAS “is a network of neurons located in the brain stem that projects anteriorly to the hypothalamus to mediate behaviour.” This means that a part of your brain helps you subconsciously move toward the goals.

There is just one hurdle – many of us focus on the negative, what we don’t want, and what we fear, instead of focusing on what we do want. That can diverge our energy and make us focus towards the negative zone. Don’t let the fear and negativity take over. Visualize positive results and it can do wonders for you. In case you think it is ineffective, you should know that Usain Bolt does it too.

Affirmation –

Speaking of negativity, energy plays a critical role in determining whether we complete our resolutions or not. Affirmation is a positive statement which you create for yourself to keep your energy aligned to what you want to achieve or believe. Affirmation works like Felix Felicis (Liquid Luck).

Say, for instance, if you feel deprived of love in your life, but you tell yourself that you have abundance of love in your life, your mind would start tuning itself to believe that you are love and you’re loved. Whatever we think, for our mind, it becomes a reality … even if reality is the complete opposite. That is why it is said, “be careful what you wish for.”

According to Tony Robbins, ‘incantation’ is an affirmation with a high level of positive energy. You can look at it as three sides of a triangle:

Body: I tried my hand (feet?) in something way out of my comfort zone – firewalk. Do you see me jumping, dancing, and physically preparing my mind for the challenge? That’s my body elevating me to higher levels of energy 🙂

Language: Words can do wonders for you if you use them aptly. Tell yourself that you can do it. YES, I am ready is all I said, and kept saying, till I reached the other side of fire.

Focus: Enhancing your positive energy is one thing, but you must focus on where you want to use it. Once you channelize your positive energy in the right direction, your mind starts believing in what you want to do.

That’s it. Use these simple & effective hacks and let us know how well it worked for you. Would also love to know what else helps you stay on track. Looking forward to learning from you.