Have been waiting since the past week to share my thoughts on how I intend to celebrate Diwali and what I would like to do to make your Diwali even more special!

We all know (or have at least heard) that cleanliness is next to godliness. Clutter is something that does not deserve any place in your life. Any part of your life can contain clutter. So, this Diwali, I decided to declutter my life. But, hey! You might be wondering how one can declutter one’s life. We keep getting advice on decluttering our home, however, decluttering anything else is perhaps a plan for some other day. Even if it is, this blog will help you bring some important changes in your life.

Clutter plays a crucial role in inviting all the unnecessary stress. It could be that clutter is holding you back from the kind of life you want to live. It could also be that clutter is putting you over the edge of how much you can truly handle yourself. Having a cluttered life is like carrying baggage you would never need.

Imagine Usain Bolt getting ready for a 100m race. He may come in baggy pants, sunglasses, a watch to match his persona, some gold jewelry, and everything a typical celebrity from the Caribbean wears. To many, that may seem like a badass thing to do. To him, however, that would only affect his performance. Therefore, the Usain Bolts come dressed in clothes and footwear which would do little to stymie their performances. They don’t carry any extra baggage.

Decluttering your life is a personal journey. What you need to declutter is personal to you, and how much you need to declutter is personal to you, as well. Do your best not to compare yourself to others or simply copy what others are doing. Learn from others, sure. But don’t simply declutter the same way they do without first evaluating your own life.

Decluttering, as you would know, brings in a lot of good energy. It means letting go of anything that you no longer require. Once we do that, we tend to start valuing – what we do require – more.

Ask yourself, which part of your life needs to be decluttered? It doesn’t have to be your wardrobe (or maybe it does). Any part of our lives may require decluttering.

Take our phones for instance. Our phone memory, mostly, is poorly cluttered. Most of us have over 75% of our phone’s memory in use. Pictures, video recordings, WhatsApp files, songs, and cache takes up a big chunk of the memory. If you go through them, you would realize how useless most of those data are. Try deleting the useless stuff and you would notice that your phone becomes lighter.

Personally, for me, the things which need to be decluttered are:

Routine –

When you want to declutter your life, decluttering your routine is a critical step. If you don’t declutter your routine, it’s easier to feel overwhelmed or exhausted, and harder to feel a sense of purpose. That’s because when our routine is full of clutter, we are constantly feeling like we never have time for the things we want to do.

There are two main ways to declutter your routine. One way is to look at your “obligations”, the things on your calendar right now, and determine what needs to go. The other way is to determine in what ways you are wasting time.

Decluttering your routine, as like anything else, is an ongoing process, and something I’m regularly working on.

When I let go of a few personal catch-ups for a few weeks, I could bring in the much-needed time for self-learning that better equipped me to handle a few assignments.

Feelings –

We often refrain from sharing our feelings. This past week, I went out of my way to tell a few people what they mean to me, far more explicitly than before. Not only that, but I also reached out to a few and shared with them things that have been unsettling for me. As much as we want to move on and not “waste” time on negative things, it is sometimes crucial to address the issue.

Dealing with negativity does not always mean ignoring it. It may also mean confronting, addressing, or sharing it. Speaking from my past week’s experience on the same, there have been quite a few conversations that have been far more settling in my mind than keeping it to myself and not talking about it.

It is not that I sit with a list and start calling on numbers thinking I have to get done with it. I do it whenever I feel I should or whenever an unsettling thought passes by. And I do it because I want to get rid of the extra baggage.

We have evolved peculiarly. I say peculiarly because we schedule everything. We are dependent on days to share what we feel. There’s a day for thanking others, a day for seeking forgiveness, a day for expressing our love for someone or another…

But do we need to wait for a day to share our feelings? Wouldn’t it make more sense if we take any day and make it that day?

If you do that now, Diwali will light up every corner of your life.

Here is my small and humble way to do just that…

I would love to invite the special YOU (or that someone special from your life) to write to [email protected] for a complimentary one-on-one Leadership Coaching session with me, online. Looking forward to hearing from you before 15th Nov’19.

I wish you a year of enlightenment. HAPPY Diwali!