Can you turn out as impeccably for your 3pm meeting as you do for your 9am clincher? How do you battle wrinkly clothes, humid weather, and sweaty stinks to get on top of things?

There’s hope says a breakthrough product

Last month, ET Panache, weekly supplement for The Economic Times, featured a story on a breakout line featuring material (that) NASA astronauts wear (http://bit.ly/296UB74) – it promises to mix work clothes with athletic wear to create a new fabric that will control moisture and odour, even body temperature.

Spaced out as that may sound, the breakthrough day in office wear may not be far.

What do you do till then?

You can either endure the hardships of clothes that turn un-smart by end of day. Or put together a kit to pull you through those bluesy Mondays. Here’s how:

Kit Pick # 1: Keeping body odour away is no sweat

Body odours are natural, but unpleasant. To keep a check, stay squeaky clean, wash twice a day and dry yourself completely before dressing. Dab talcum as it absorbs sweat better before it soaks your clothes.

Kit Pick # 2: Pick up wrinkle-free shirts

The no-iron shirt lives up to its crease-free promise and is a pretty cool bet to look smart and presentable all day. Instead of spending every now and then on your iron-walla, it’s a better idea to invest in some wrinkle-free tech.

Kit Pick # 3: Apply antiperspirants at the right time

Use an antiperspirant along with a deodorant to smell fresh all day long. But time it well. The active ingredient needs to enter and clog your sweat ducts to actually be effective. It is best to use an antiperspirant towards the evening.

Kit Pick # 4: Pad ’em up

Sweat pads help combat underarm sweating. These are disposable cotton pads that stickto yourarmpits or clothing to absorb excess sweat, creating a barrier between your skin and clothing. Mind you, if the sweating is abnormal, definitely check with your doc.

Kit Pick # 5: No stain, no pain

Put humble kitchen ingredients to work. Add 4 tablespoons salt in a litre of hot water. Sponge the shirt with the solution until the stain disappears. Or scrub stains with a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and water.

Whether or not the space suit enters our workspaces in the coming future, it is important to stay on the top of your style game at work. Keep up the fresh look and let it work for you, through the day and into the evening.

Here’s to you looking good and smelling fresh and turning up your best front!