These are courses of a shorter duration aimed at enhancing specific skills required to up your game in the corporate sphere. If you are looking to upgrade your professional skills and make a long term difference in your career, these courses are definitely worth exploring.

Upskilling Leadership Blueprint (ULB)

Learn how to tap into your own ability to be creative, to think in critical ways, to communicate effectively and to collaborate well with others. 

Duration: 4 weeks

Upskilling Leadership Challenge (ULC)

Learn how to elevate your self-awareness, enhance your Emotional Intelligence, resolve conflicts, and become a great decision-maker. 

Duration: 30 Days

Upskilling Leadership Program (ULP)

Power-packed course with 8 key Leadership skills, to help you lead with impact. This is ALL you need to be an inspiring leader in your life and business. 

Duration: 45 Days

Critical Thinking Course

Learn how to balance your logical and emotional self, make better decisions, solve problems more effectively and eliminate bias.       

Duration: 5 Days

Mastering Collaboration Course

Learn how to develop 10 traits to be a powerful and effective collaborator. Equip yourself with practical tools to build collaboration as your strength.   

Duration: 5 Days

Effective Communication Course

Learn how to communicate effectively & impactfully in 5 simple steps. Upgrade your business and relationships with ability to express yourself clearly and confidently.

Duration: 5 Days

Building Creativity Course

Learn how to think within and out-of-the-box to achieve 5X growth in your chosen career. Upskill your ability to spark innovative and creative ideas that'll help you to stand out and become an asset for your organization.

Duration: 5 Days