If you are the captain of a start-up ship, kudos to you. Your courage and passion are the driving forces to launch your start-up dream. You have already taken the most difficult step. And as a start-up entrepreneur, you want to do everything right to ensure that your brainchild realizes its full potential and achieves the success that you envision. 

But you cannot do this alone. Now your idea needs to be equally convincing to investors and customers. We, at SBY can help you create powerful business plans that are effective, compelling and appeal to your target audience. We can also guide you with a long-term strategy to convert your start-up into a sought-after brand.


Your goal is big and bold. You have a vision and a team that can help you achieve it. You want your team to sync in, understand and take baby steps in a planned way to help you towards your goal. As a leader, you have a crucial role to inspire your team to work towards that common goal with the highest level of motivation. Driving a team towards success along with evoking the feeling of contribution towards a combined effort and appreciation for that effort is the biggest achievement for a team leader. 

We, at SBY, step in to guide you to carry your vision through to execution by creasing out the finer details and filling in the gaps in terms of planning skills to elevate the performance levels and productivity of your team.


Every business owner has his own entrepreneurial style. You shine with a business acumen that is unique to you. And we can help you carry out your own style to its full potential, in a way that can elevate you and your team’s performance. As a business owner, you have immense responsibility on your shoulders towards excelling at your business, along with the added expectation of keeping your employees and stakeholders satisfied in the process. 

A successful business owner is the one who can realize the full potential of his human resource to achieve success and balance it with the simultaneous growth and development of its employees’ careers. Through our personal coaching sessions, we help you master your trade, and discover the secrets to a 360 degree fulfilment.


What does it take to turn your set-up into an enterprise? What metamorphoses you from a business owner into a leader and an entrepreneur? It can only happen if every team member also considers himself a leader. Leadership is not a role, but a responsibility. And when this sense of responsibility is instilled into each member of a multi-level team, an entrepreneur can be confident that each member will be organically driven towards a combined idea of success and achievement. So while you empower your team with roles and responsibilities, we help them delve deeper into them with higher motivation and leadership skills.