Register for our crash courses to upskill yourself in key aspects related to professional development. These are practical, on-ground skills that any professional must acquire to not just survive but thrive in his chosen industry. 

Transforming Stress to Success

Learn how to take charge of our life by understanding what stress truly means at a physiological level and then learning ways to deal with stress at a psychological level.           

Duration: 4 Hours 

Date : 21st & 22nd August

Negotiation Skills

Learn three powerful tools to negotiate effectively, how to probe and ask right questions, and how to be assertive during negotiations.        

Duration: 4 Hours 

Date : 18th & 19th September

Communicate to Connect

Learn the powerful tools to communicate assertively, to say NO and to articulate and express yourself with clarity.

Duration: 4 Hours 

Date : 16th & 17th October

Art of Public Speaking

Learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking, how to structure your speech and five most impactful ways to start and close your speech or presentation.   

Duration: 4 Hours 

Date : 20th & 21st November

Goal Setting for Go-Getters

Learn powerful tools to set realistic goals while being motivated to keep focus and stay on track.                

Duration: 4 Hours 

Date : 18th & 19th December