Partner, A.P. Sanzgiri & Co

My first ever Executive Coaching was with Yukti & it opened an entire new gamut of opportunities for me.

I was a quality professional but had many rough edges.

The coaching sessions helped me refine & polish my weaknesses & I zoomed to an altogether different trajectory of personal growth & development.

Yukti is a thorough professional coach with lots of finesse, style, class, poise & grace. Extremely committed to her work, she brings a different perspective to a lot of issues making you introspect & brainstorm deeply to get the desired results out of you.

Coaching sessions with her were fun & rewarding. She is a powerful result oriented coach with a difference.

Need to experience the power of professional coaching firsthand with her to know the proof of the pudding.

Wish Yukti & Silhouette the best of success.


Independant Business Consultant at Paramount Tools

They say everyone needs a coach. Having been at crossroads professionally, I was struggling to make sense of my career choices. On my wife’s recommendation, I enrolled myself for a coaching session with Yukti Kapoor Mehendiratta, an Erikson certified coach. I was a bit circumspect at the outset, being alien to the concept of being ‘coached’. However, I decided to give it a shot.

Her perceptive and insightful observations into my mind-set, the manner in which she deftly steered me away from my navel-gazing, directing my thoughts instead to focus on constructive outlooks, inspiring me to leverage on my knowledge and skill-sets to achieve my goals, struck a chord and has worked wonders to alleviate my resistive attitude and embark on a journey of self-healing.

Due to the nature of her job being extremely inter-personal and sensitive, it may be tough to enumerate all that she gets on the table. But that should surely not take away anything from her capabilities and the fact that she makes the world a better place to live for everyone she works with. Her efforts have assisted me immensely to segue myself into my new role of a business consultant.

I may still be a work-in-progress but she, as a coach, has definitely arrived!

Thank you for opening the doors and windows to let the light in, Yukti and helping me realize my true potential. Forever grateful.


Director, Network TechLab Pvt. Ltd.

Life is continuous learning platform , to excel in our work and family & social relationships we a need coach who will bring the best out of us. ?

My internal voice was negative, if things were not happening my way. In the sessions, I have realised that understanding facts are critical. Interactions are important, my reactions are not. As a social person, my confidence has improved, and am open to challenges, and have clarity of thought. I have become more committed to my timelines. I now contribute to the lives of people, instead of imposing myself. I feel I spend every moment in the right direction.

Yukti has been making differences in my life and I truly acknowledge her wisdom and skills to be a passionate coach that she is.?

Wish her all the very best and may she reach to new heights every year.


Head of Research and Investment Advisor, Edelweiss

On email etiquette, there are times when mails are complex and need to be more polite and simplified. Regarding table manners, we must start by implementing what we learnt, at our homes. Then it stays for good.


AVP Digital Business, Tata Business Support Services

My two cents on Style & Grooming for Corporates: an oft ignored but very critical element for success.


‪CEO, Matrix Publishing Group

Silhouette’s area of work is indeed a high priority need area in most corporates today. Having led several global brands in various leadership positions for over 27 years, I can say so with first hand experience.


Co-Founder & COO, Indifi‬‬‬‬‬

Clearly grooming and style is extremely important for corporate employees.


Head Information Risk Management, Barclays Bank plc India‬‬‬‬‬

Grooming and overall personality development is more important than before, due to increased interaction with customers, regulators, vendors, competitors and industry representatives in general. Humility and listening skills should top the chart. Employees need to respect and empathize with the choices of the other people. For instance, if a person is a vegetarian, venues serving vegetarian food should be selected for meetings.


Managing Director & CEO, Grameen Koota Financial Services Pvt. Ltd‬‬‬‬‬.

Completely agree that the grooming is a primary requirement to build greater relationship in corporate world. A properly groomed relationship manager can deliver far more in comparison, particularly, in a service industry.


AVP, Entreprise Sales, Network Techlab Pvt Ltd‬‬‬‬

My key takeaway is the clarity of my role: where I need to take a stand and how I need to handle it. This coaching has transformed me into a different human being and professional in just 10 sessions. I am a better father and husband too, which would have not happened with your coaching.


IT Service Delivery Manager, Network TechLab Pvt. Ltd.‬‬‬‬.

I was always waiting for validation and recommendation from others. That came to a stop. Instead of blaming others, I am working on myself. I am now a good team player and can handle people with ease. I am also able to focus on my career path and have built a roadmap for my career. I have to just focus on the team to travel on that road and achieve the goal.