Finishing Course

Institutions have made remarkable progress by following a student-centric approach across academic or extra co-curricular activities. Yet, there is one thing that can make an institute stand apart. It is the preparation given to their students to add value to Corporates from day one. Grooming students with the knowledge of appropriate dressing, body language and business etiquette is essential across course-streams.

To bridge the gap between a student’s capability and their presentation of themselves, Silhouette By Yukti is proud to offer a co-branded certification Finishing Course to post graduates across prestigious universities.

This course will help the institutions to groom students and empower them to come across as smart, confident individuals to the corporates by enabling them with the right etiquette and presentability. This is a guaranteed mantra to success. Whether they are employed in a customer-centric role, or contributing to the back-end architecture of a firm, one can only succeed if their innate capabilities are brought to the forefront by proper grooming and presentation skills.