Colours are splashed all over general stores and the weather is just right to be pumped up with vibrant hues. Holi is round the corner and let me start by wishing my readers a happy and colourful Holi.

This also brings me to one thought have you ever seen black colours sold in shops for Holi? Why don’t we see more people smearing black on to each other’s faces? In fact, it is more as an insult to the other.

I want to show you a side of the colour BLACK, which you may never have seen before. An aspect that will make you think twice, and perhaps change the way you see it. It’s not just spiritual, but a scientific look as well.

Black is not worn on auspicious occasions

Ever wondered why people don’t turn up in black in a wedding, a religious event or a celebration, especially when there is no alcohol being served? Why doesn’t a bride wear black ever?

In school, we learnt how black absorbs all colours. In a way, it eats up all colours, not allowing any colour to shine through. So imagine what it may be doing for us at an energy level. Spiritually, it can cause more harm than good. And that’s why a lot of cultures shun the colour on special occasions.

Black is a great colour to hide into

Black is a popular colour for formal attire because we want to bring our formal selves to work. We don’t want to play out our personal stories on a professional platform.

We also wear black when we want to hide excess fat, again a perfect mechanism to hide ourselves from the world. Think about it. Black builds a wall between us and the world.

Black is a taamsik colour

It’s interesting to know that the universe is made up of 3 subtle components: Sattva, Raja and Tama. Colours categorised under sattva are called Sattvik colours. They exude positive spiritual vibrations. While tamasik colours emit and attract negative spiritual vibrations.

Don’t take my word for it. Try this simple experiment for the next 7 days. Consciously wear Sattvik colours like white, yellow, pink, light blue, light green, orange or even peach instead of any dark colour. Observe how you feel. Lighter? Happier? More peaceful? Maybe more receptive, and inclusive?

So what happens to all the fashion talk about black?

Of course, this is not to tell you to pack your little black dress (LBD) away or keep that killer tuxedo away from public eye. My intent is to draw your attention to something much deeper than just fashion trends. Sure, black does stand for sophistication, class, formal wear, and so on. But if we just bring in that awareness that we don’t wear it as a shroud to escape into, and wear it occasionally, we can make it work for us.

All colours are beautiful and a gift. If we know just how to sport them, we can use them to accentuate the real beauty of our soul and expand our spiritual space as well.

So, have you already experienced the difference of wearing different colours? Or have you observed the effect of it on someone? I would love to hear the difference you felt.