Welcome, welcome, WELCOME to a brand new year!

Just as anything else that’s new, a new year excites me a lot more in anticipation of so much that I wish to do in the days to come.

If you are not a part of the new year resolution clan then perhaps you have skipped reflecting on the year-that-was.

So did I. Until now.

While I am not such a fan of making a long drawn list of how a calendar change will change my life in a day (or even a month!), yet I do feel that one should spend a little time in reflecting all that has gone by.

Now please don’t imagine me sitting alone by the beach, staring at the sea (sulking!!). That’s not the only way to reflect.

Of many ways, here is what I suggest to be a simple yet powerful way to start a new year.

I look at it as a two-step process:

Step 1 – What progress have you made last year that makes you feel proud or happy about yourself?

Could be switching jobs, earning promotion, becoming an entrepreneur, being a parent, settling well in a new place or anything big & small.

Make a list of all the things that come to your mind.

Step 2 – What lessons have you learnt last year that you must remember to progress in life?

Everyone makes mistakes and that’s indeed the best way to learn. So think of everything that didn’t go your way, plans that fell apart, relationships that failed, opportunities that never materialized, travel plans that never took-off.

It’s important to put this down on paper cause that’s the best way to ensure you remember what you must, from your failures.

Ok. Now that we have reflected well on the year-that-was, lets smile at the year-that-is cause it’s going to be the BEST year of your life!

Not only cause I am saying so but because this time you have gifted yourself the wisdom you earned last year and make it to full use for yourself this year…maybe for the first time in such a conscious way.

To add to the celebration, you can make a list of all that you really want to do in 2018. Things that you never had the courage to even say.

The universe conspires when we aspire to achieve something with all our heart. 

Guess what, making this list can do no harm, so why think twice.

Pick up a pen and put down everything you want to do for yourself, your finances, your relationships and your career.

Leaving you with a few lines that come straight from my heart, only for you

May this year you feel the sunshine and enjoy the breeze.

May you only grace happiness and all your pain must seize.

You could take this as a change of date,

Or decide to rebuild your fate.

May you find the courage to follow your heart.

May you bring your plans to life from the start.

This year is special cause so are you.

Every moment must matter cause every moment is new.

Wish you a year like never before.

C’mon now, GET SET & GO!!!

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