Do you feel that the year 2017 has a different vibe about it? It’s fast, dynamic and changing faster than your imagination. You’re not alone. We, and perhaps the entire country, are in the same boat.

The wave of demonetisation rocked our life. Suddenly money turned into paper, and our own hard-earned money was not accessible to us. Money stayed in our banks, while we had none to spend. Our home helps opened bank accounts, perhaps for the first time in their lives. Last heard, even the traffic cops started pulling out the card-swipe machine for fines!

The 2017 budget promises to reduce informal economy, simplify taxation and widen the tax base. Now while the country’s budget announcement is not meant for everyone’s delight, but if it’s a progressive one, people can welcome it.

I believe that change is an ironical concept. We speak about how change is the only constant, but we also find it difficult to flow with it.

Before I share with you some effective ways to deal with change, let me start by saying that change with it, a world of opportunities to unlock. Every time we witness change, it helps us grow beyond our comfort zone, and become someone new.

Here are my 5 super-ways to embrace change in life.

# 1 Have an open mind

Drop pre-conceived notions and judgements attached to the change you are witnessing. Is this how it should be? Should it have been better that way? Are you sure it’s going to work out? Don’t assume anything, especially something with a doubtful air about it.

Look at the situation with an open mind and a clean canvas, and let the change unfold.

# 2 Know that nothing happens without a reason

Trust that God’s plan is bigger and better than yours. I am not saying something esoteric or something that’s easier said than done. If you look deeply, you will know that many situations cannot be reasoned out, but it does not mean that there is no merit in them.

Sometimes, it’s just better to be and let the flow take you along.

# 3 Take it as a challenge

You receive a challenge in life only when you are ready for it. Remember, not everyone wants to be shaken out of their comfort zone. It’s actually a privilege. You have to be open to grow, and become a better version of yourself.

When you are ready to grow, you get to experience change.

# 4 Have faith

Every instance in our life is a link that takes us one step closer to our purpose. We might not be aware of it even as we walk the path of life, but every milestone adds up. When we look back, it does not take us too long to realise why we experienced what we did.

When you look back at life, you can connect the dots. That’s faith in action.

# 5 Respect the change

Respect the transformation in your life rather than resisting it. Think about life without this change. Would it have let you discover this new face of who you are? If you look at things from this perspective, change will be easier to take.

The more you respect the change that life has to offer, the more you will get from it. 

So here’s to change. Whether it is the laws of the country, or the laws by which we live our lives, let’s say YES to every new thing that comes to us on our journey of life.

How do you deal with change? Had a big life-changing experience?I am waiting to hear.