A few days ago, I received a frantic call from a kid pleading for clarity on his next step in life, after schooling.

In a few seconds, I realized that it was my nephew that I had to urgently rescue. I asked him to catch his breath before I could throw an absolute cliché’ of a question at him.

“What would you like to do?” I asked.

He promptly said, “Science.”

“So, you love science?” I asked to confirm.

“Actually, I don’t. But that’s what my best friend is going for, and I can’t imagine sitting in the classroom with someone else,” he confessed.

Like my nephew, a lot of students today don’t realize that the impact of decisions we make at the start of our career or when pursuing higher education has a huge role to play in what becomes of us; if not on what we eventually land up doing in life.

Blindly following your peers’ or your best friend’s goal is a sure shot recipe for disaster

                        Do not confuse your hobby with your passion

So how do you get down to figuring what you want to pursue?

I begin by telling kids to mentally sculpt what a successful life would look like, for them.

Now, what they envision could be greatly influenced by what social media showcases success to be … until reality strikes.

One common trait I find in most students is their hunger for success. I must admit, that is really impressive. However, many of them lack two things essential to satiate this hunger – patience and commitment.

Success does not happen overnight. It comes with discipline, hard work, and persistence. Having said that, success is subjective and your life should not be about proving a point to others or mirroring someone’s path to success.

You need to know the talents you possess. Then place them in the appropriate environment so that their potential can be properly utilized.

Remember, you are unique just the way you are and accepting that will help you bring out your best. That’s the version that is sure to add value to the world around you!

So many people have sacrificed their passions. So many people are unhappy, too. Could there be any correlation? So, focus on what you are naturally good at and give it you're all. Success will come, I promise.

Still doubting whether you are ready for the next phase of your life?

Take this test – ask yourself, if you will have any regret after five years from now for not doing what you truly want to do today?

In all likelihood, you would get your answer.

So, my dear friends, as you initiate the new phase of your life, make sure you find your pursuit, strengthen your vision, and listen to your inner calling.

Like I often say, “All that I am looking for is inside of me.”