Collaboration Course

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Just like in sports, working with others in your job makes you far more effective than when you work alone. Larger tasks and projects can’t be accomplished by just one person and, usually, better ideas come about when multiple people put their heads together.

Collaboration has become one of the most important elements for the survival and success of any organization. However, collaboration can be difficult as it involves complexities of human beings. Encouraging people to work together towards a shared mission may not be successful if they don't understand the importance of such partnerships. 

As organizations move to more collaborative cultures, your continued success as a leader increasingly depends on your ability to build collaborative relationships, within your team and across the enterprise.

With organizations realizing the importance of collaboration, there is a need for leaders to upskill themselves. New role of a leader is to create an environment in which people CHOOSE to participate and contribute. 

Why is Collaboration important?

  • It helps in bringing people closer together.
  • It encourages people to learn from each other.
  • It helps us in problem-solving.
  • It leads to better retention rate.
  • It makes us more efficient workers.
  • It opens up new channels of communication within team.
  • It helps in adding more value to end customers.

Here is what you will learn in this Course:

  • Importance of Collaboration.
  • Learn about  ten traits you MUST NOT have to be a great Collaborator.
  • How to shift from fixed to growth mindset.
  • How to manage conflicts and create consensus.
  • How to create a collaborative work culture.
  • How to become a global collaborator with ease and confidence.

Key Highlights

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Thank you for such a practical course. I realized that the application of Collaboration requires awareness of Mindset, Attitude & Structure and readiness to shift in each of the areas. Building Collaboration requires adaption at Skill & Cultural level of the Company. Great insights and easy roadmap to be a better Collaborator.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Tivesh Shah

Founder at Tru-Worth Finsultants - Customised, Planned Solutions

Collaboration course has helped me to identify my anti-collaborative traits that were holding me back from collaborating. Have done SWOT analysis multiple times.. but this time it was a different and beautiful experience! The questions given in each section helped to deeply dig in each & gave me a valuable insight for the way ahead! Although not yet come up with that “Eureka” idea.. but I think since the thinking process has started.. It will click soon!

Dr Aarti Daswani

General & Cosmetic Dentist and Author

I need to focus more on Mindset shift from Fixed to Growth and sharpen my EQ. This course on Collaboration helped me to learn collaboration technique for future communication with the team. Thanks for such a wonderful session.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Bhavesh Liya

Technical Consultant at Magnamious Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Transforming Collaboration from just another word in management vocabulary to a skill and a strength is what defines the masterclass. I really appreciative the structured approach to address these critical yet somewhat ambiguous skill-sets. The mind-maps used during the masterclass are very helpful in content retention and note-making. Little breaks during the class for self-introspection add unimaginable value.           


Gaurav Goel

Internal Auditor, Nokia

Collaboration is be based on have a common purpose and goal, Trust each other, Communicate openly and effectively with other. I learnt that Collaboration is all about bringing people together from different departments, locations, and teams, then focusing their efforts on a common goal. But it can’t happen unless everyone’s on the same page, skill-wise. Collaboration is a process, but collaborating well is a skill that’s sharpened over time with courses like these.

Sanjoy Mukherjee

Sr. Production Manager, Director, Albert David Limited.

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