Upskilling Leadership Mastery

- A transformational journey of Spiritual Leadership

Leadership starts from the Soul

Leadership starts from the soul; therefore, Spiritual Leadership is crucial to any leadership role. Spiritual leadership is a blend of self into the workplace to improve the spiritual consciousness of people and provide a more meaningful work environment.

  • Are you an entrepreneur who needs to learn Leadership skills that help you grow your business?
  • Are you a Corporate Executive who's stuck in your career and a victim of office politics?
  • Are you an individual who's struggling with a meaningful relationship in life?
  •  Are you feeling judged and misunderstood all the time in your personal and professional life?
  • Do you feel something in your behaviour is holding you back and you don't know how to overcome that?

I want to share something with you.

You don't have to stay stuck or struggle with your relationships.

You don't have to let your growth suffer because of someone else's poor leadership.

Listen to what Saumyata(a senior resource at Amazon, ex-Air Force) has to say.

My journey in the one year of ULM was transformational but definitely not an easy one. It wasn't as rosy as I was expecting it to be but rather a thorny one with loads of pricks of reality- my own reality and the one we all probably create in our minds.

A lot has changed about me, the way perceives, respond (yes respond, not react!!), and even process everything around me. I have become less angry with myself and everyone around me, and so much more patient in relationships, work and most importantly, with myself.

The best takeaway is I have is to JUST BE there in the moment, and surrender myself 100%!! The FOMO, anxiety, and restlessness of Just Being in the moment have vanished. I am all in all a much happier, peaceful, kinder, forgiving and content being.

Saumyata SinghAmazon

You can have the same transformation. You can bring a change in your life by taking a step forward today.

Join Yukti, Founder of SBY Academy, for her one-year Upskilling Leadership Mastery Program

In this program, Yukti will teach you the EXACT process she has used to connect her spirit with the leader inside of her, to achieve financial, professional, and personal satisfaction throughout her life....change satisfaction to fulfilment 

Claim your spot, and join the program now.

Upskilling Leadership Mastery(ULM) is a mastery in Leadership, and LIFE, that'll help you to:

1. Cultivate mindfulness and mindful awareness

2. Imbibe a sense of purpose and meaning in life

3. Build the ability to follow inner convictions

4. Improve your financial position: either in job or business. 

5. Collaborative, consensus-based decision making

6. Establish deep trust within your relationships

7. Managing and overcoming resistance to change

8. Enhance your level of commitment and productivity at work

9. Managing conflicts la business and personal relations

10. Empower and motivate your teams to take up more ownership

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About Your Coach

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is an Erickson Certified Coach and a Reiki Master with a decade of senior leadership experience at Citi & Barclays and more. 

She's been on a conscious path of Spirituality for over ten years now, and has witnessed the power of understanding and practising spirituality in her own relationships, career, and growth.

She's a strong believer in enhancing self-awareness and has a knack to create a structure around things to make it easier for people to learn and Implement. She is an award-winning coach and mentors incubators from IIM Lucknow, and BITS Mesra amongst others. Her life journey and experiences have also been featured in a book called Dare To Be, along with 13 other fearless women entrepreneurs in India.

Yukti has been felicitated with Mumbai Woman Leadership Award 2021 by World WomanLeadership Congress. She is also recognized as among the Top 10 Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs 2021-22 by India Today, ANI News and Business Standard, Top 10 Women Startup CEOS 2020 by a prestigious business publication called CEO Insights, and has been awarded the National Woman Excellence Award 2018 extended by Indo European Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises


These power-packed bonuses will not only ensure that you receive absolute value for money but will also add to the impact of this course for you.

Personal Coaching Sessions

Two complimentary personal sessions to help you overcome any specific personal or professional challenges, using coaching techniques.

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7 Guided Meditation for Leaders

Get FREE access to 7 guided meditations course, designed to empower leaders, for every day of the week. A perfect way to bring in a spiritual practice, as a leader.

Worth INR 1,999

Support System for Sustainability

Enjoy the power of the inbuilt support system within the course to enhance your emotional strength and help you to stay on track throughout the course


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ULM Course Structure:

  • LIVE Masterclass (24 sessions) every month; elaborating the concept and exploring the depth of each life/leadership skill.
  • Life Projects on each topic every month, bringing concepts to practical application, thereby creating transformation for you.
  • Open Mic  every month for Q&A and LIVE presentations on the projects
  • Pre-work to guide you towards the depth of your core, through self-reflection and exploration.

Ready to start the journey?

This course will not only lead to beneficial personal outcomes (higher levels of physical health, psychological well-being, emotional strength and better relationships) but will also deliver improved leadership skills, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

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